NK 2016

The Pediatric Nephrology CME was the upshot of that year’s “World Kidney Day” theme “Kidney Diseases in Children and Adolescents: Act Early to prevent it.” We had put in our efforts to familiarize preventive aspects of CKD and AKI (0 by 25) in children.


Pre Lunch: Dialysis Workshop – 34 Dialysis Technicians and Dialysis Nurses attended. The object was to impart hands on experience on Hemodialysis and CAPD.

Post lunch: Electrolytes in Pediatric Practice – 53 of 62 registered Pediatric postgraduate/ Pediatricians attended the case based workshop. Participants were grouped and case based discussion with questions and appropriate answers were arrived based on literature evidence. The answers were debated and finally the Chairperson concluded with his observation and conclusion. This workshop entitled each member of the audience to present his view, disagreement or concurrence.

DAY 2 (CME):
Total of 120 delegates participated out of 129 registered. This CME focused on various topics for Pediatric trainees and practitioner stressing on preventive aspects of CKD and AKI in children rather than treatment. To make it more interactive we had a key pad session which was well appreciated.