Dr.Mehta’s Hospitals are widely recognized as a leading Healthcare provider in India. With over 8 decades of expertise and experience in healthcare, they have helped heal consumers across generations. Their focus on consumer health, safety and infection control has helped them to deliver top quartile clinical outcomes consistently and ensured that they have helped heal over tens of millions of our consumers over the last century. Their Pediatric Hospital has been recognized by clinicians and consumers as a leader across India. Dr.Mehta’s has evolved to amongst the leading healthcare providers respected for very strong ethical care, consumer health, efficacy and clinical outcomes. www.mehtahospital.com

International Pediatric Nephrology Association (IPNA) has over 1500 members across 103 countries. IPNA mission is to promote the optimal care of children with kidney disease worldwide by advocacy and education. Through their programs, IPNA works to disseminate knowledge about kidney disease in children in the areas where care is needed most, and IPNA is the ONLY organization in the world today providing these services for children with kidney disease. We are very thankful to IPNA for their continued support for last 4 years. For further details logon to www.ipna-online.org

International Society of Nephrology (ISN) has over 10,000 members across 150 countries.ISN mission is
BRIDGING THE GAPS of available care through advocacy and collaborations with their global partners
BUILDING CAPACITY in healthcare professionals via granting programs, education and research
CONNNECTING THE COMMUNITY to develop a stronger understanding of the management of kidney disease.

We are very thankful to ISN for their continued support for last 4 years. For further details logon to www.theisn.org.

Kids Kidney Care (KKC) is a non-profitable organization managed by the Department of Pediatric Nephrology, Dr.Mehta’s Multispecialty Hospital. KKC mission is helping the needy children with renal ailments, promoting education, training, research and development in the field of Pediatric Nephrology as well as creating an awareness in the community of kidney related problems in children.

Through the concept of everything for everyone, full care is given at a reasonable cost to the needy. This centre has helped many parents for treating their children at a reduced cost with the help of the trust as well as from the helping minds of the Hospital Management. Children who are under our care for a longer
time are helped for dialysis and transplant at subsidized rates. KKC has aided in spreading awareness regarding kidney health among people, doctors and students by conducting walkathon, CME, public interaction program, school screening and interaction programs.

The directions taken by KKC in research, service, parent education and updating knowledge on pediatric nephrology to every one are in the correct grove so
that this centre will take care of children with renal ailments the way in which it should be delivered. Any donations are welcome to help the needy children.
Contact Dr Sudha Ekambaram (kidskidneychennai15@gmail.com)