NK 2019

The vision of this exclusive Pediatric Nephrology CME is to reinstate and revisit the basics in the diagnosis, evaluation and current therapeutics avenues of common renal problems in the community around them. We have put in our efforts to identify and prevent common kidney issues in children.

DAY 1 (14-09-2019):

MEDAL EXAM (8.00-9.00):  We have conducted medal exam for Pediatric postgraduates.  Total of 82 Pediatric postgraduates participated in this medal exam, 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize of 25,000 INR,15,000 INR and 10,000 INR was awarded to the winners from various institute.


Around 135 Pediatric postgraduates and practitioners participated in this interactive case-based electrolyte session. The topic was portioned as follows: Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Metabolic Acidosis. It was held in Auditorium, Mehta Multispecialty Hospital, Chennai chaired by Dr.Dwarkanathan and Dr.S.Thangavelu. There were about 6 sessions and, in each session, the moderator explained the approaches on the given topic and the panelist discussed the case scenarios.  Then the case scenarios were discussed with the other panelist and the various queries from the spectator has been solved as it moved in an interactive way.  The objective was achieved.

DAY 2 15.01.19 (CME):

Total 15 national and international faculties along with 168 delegates participated. This CME focused on various topics for Pediatric trainees and practitioner. The various topic covered in the CME would help the Pediatricians to diagnose, initiate treatment for nephrology cases and also refer at the ideal time. To make it more interactive we have arranged key pad session which was well appreciated by everyone.